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YEY Kids

At Yellow Elephant, we recognize that everyone is striving towards balance, even the littlest yogis. We offer engaging and fun classes to provide our youngest students with the tools necessary to find both serenity and vitality.

Birth-5- Yellow Elephant offers a variety of ways to connect with our littlest ones and begin to plant seeds of mindfulness. Sound, storytelling, movement, and crafts are part of our little ones way of exploring their world. YEY kids help little ones experience and make connections between body and mind.

Baby & Me

Baby &Me with Silly Sounds

Storybook Yoga-Birth-5

Bilingual Storybook Yoga- Birth-5

Mini Yogis- Ages walking-2.5

Little Yogis-Ages 2.5-5

Yoga & Mindful Craft-

Little Meditators-2.5-5

Silly Sounds-2.5-5

Hip Hop Happy2.5-5

After School Unplugged 5-11 This is an awesome opportunity to move the body and create a mindfulness practice. All classes start with a Check In, incorporate Breathe-work, Asana (Yoga Postures), Savasana(integration) and a Mindfulness Activity whether mindful crafting, meditation, games or sound healing. The intention is to experience the empowerment and peace that come from a solid practice grounded in our innate ability to tap into all the good stuff that already exists within. By calming the nervous system and restoring balance in the body we can open our heart to ourselves and our community.

Tweens and Teens 10-16 YEY recognizes that anxiety, depression, healthy body image, and impulsiveness are very real issues that tweens and teens start to run up against as they transition to adulthood. Yoga and Mindfulness provide a wonderful alternative to allowing these big emotions to overtake us. Cultivating a deeper connection with ourselves and enjoying a feel good kind of fun are wonderful ways to stay strong in mind and body.


YEY Adults

Mindful Flow



YEY Family

Sunday Funday. Weekend Family workshops. Baby and me. Family Yoga.


YEY Open Studio


Yey Yoga camps


YEY Weekends